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Hi I'm Asyraaf. The owner of this blog. Be nice here and enjoy with my story (:


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Boring? Bosan? It's okay, jemput datang ke blog saya~!

Assalamualaikum semua~! Well the reason why I write a new post in the middle of the night at 2.14AM is kerana saya tak boleh tidur.. T.T Saya tahu saya dah pindah blog, tapi kenapa saya masih menulis lagi kat blog ni? Well sebab saya hargai blog yg begitu cantik ni dihias oleh seorg yg pernah bergelar sahabat.. Saya harap dia tak marah kalau saya mention nama dia kat sini, nama dia ialah Nurris Allia! haha.. Sayang kan, dia dah susah2 buat blog cantik2 gini, tapi saya tak guna pun.. Hmm.. Maybe saya akan lebih luangkan masa dgn blog ni akan datang.. Tapi sejujurnya, kenapa saya tak guna blog ni sbb saya tak reti guna blog ni mcm mana.. XD Template semua design sendiri.. Xtahu mcm mana nak add widget ke ape bnde ke.. -.-" Nanti la baru nak ulangkaji balik template blog ni.. haha XD and btw, jangan lupa singgah yow di dua blog baru saya.. Hehee terima kasih.. ^_^
Blog Business Saya ^_^ dan Diari Blog Baru Saya ^_^

Pindah Diari

Harap maklum ye, owner kpd blog ni telah berpindah kpg blog baru.. Sbb apa? Sbb, blog skrg ni dah byk sngt kisah silam dan zaman baru nak kenal dunia .. XD So, blog baru lebih mengisahkan tntg perangai yg agak lebih matang (maybe?) dan sdg berjuang demi masa hadapan beliau (Ceh, beliau.. haha) So, say goodbye to this blog, and hello new blog, jom, follow link nih, .. Xde bnyk sngt beza nama blog lama dgn baru.. Cuma tambah nombor 24 je.. haha.. Nombor 24 tu wakil kpd bday owner blog iaitu pd 24hb Mei .. Well, maybe sbb owner blog ni mmg minat sngt dgn nombor 24 tu.. ^^ So, jgn lupa singgah di blog baru kay.. Mulai hari ni blog ni dah x active.. Sekian terima kasih .. ^^

For the one I love . . .

Love... With love I can hurt more than once... and broken heart more than once... But without love, sometimes I feel lonely...

   Dear, I love you... Maybe this will be the end of our relationship, huh ? I'm sorry if I can't treat you well... But it's not too late to change it right ? I'll try to make these few days as the day you won't even forget...! Cuz I don't want you to ever forget about me . . . ! 
 I hate it . . . I hate if I lose you . . . and ... I would ended being hating myself... But, if that's your choice to leave me... What can I do... I don't have the rights to stop you... Eventhough, how much I really did care about you... I didn't love you well enough... That's why you're okay to leave me . . . I'm sorry . . .  ! I can't be the best for you... But, if I could, I don't want you to go... There's no one can replace you... You're unreplaceable... ! There will no other girl who will love me as how you did... and there will no other girl will treat me as nicely as you did... I can't imagine how my life will go on if I lose you... You see, I'm serious about our relationship... Remember the time early in our relationship ? Actually, I'm not too serious about this relationship... and I thought I just want you to be known as my couple, nothing more than that... As time move on, a lot things happened... Then, I began to be serious about us... I spent most of my time thinking of you, worrying about you... I even can't sleep well because I miss you too much... I miss all the time we had together...  Do you think, you can withstand the pain of long-distance relationship . . . ? Well, I can't... Just leave me, okay... Do your best in your new school... I can't help you much since you're far away from me... Take care of yourself, dear... And try to forget about me, okay ? I don't want to become a burden to you... Then, how about me... ? Remember my promise to you ? I'll try to love you forever, until that someone comes to bring me to the world of eternal love... Last few words from me, I love you... -From the one who loves you, Asy-
If it was our fate to be together, then, only fate would separate us... So, just hope that fate wouldn't separate us... Even if it does... Then... I want fate, to put us close back together just like how we used to be...

P/s : You can see how much the word 'I love you' and similar to it there ? Even that, couldn't explain how much I did love you right now...


Just going to tell about my retirement... Yeah, I think I'm just going to stop all this time-wasting stuff like facebook, games, and some plenty of my bad habits... Just wondering, I'm going to explore and learn more about the world... That's sure gonna be fun... Hey, that's me... The guy who likes to leave what he has right now, and going to get new thing for his life... I guess that's really my nature... Besides, I'm trying to be a new me... You know, have different personalities... It's really boring to be the same person everyday...

Lastly, I'm sure gonna continue back doing my love-hunting... I really wanna try what my inner me can do and how much it can melt someone... Also, I wanna revive the inner me, so I can experience new thing in my life >:D And just, where the hell this kind of feeling and spirits come from? The feeling that want me to change... Yeah, it's okay... I'll be waiting for it, I'm going to be a different person from now on~ >:D

Well, not much to say anymore~ Take care~

Nurris Tumpang Meng-Post

Okayy, first Nurris nak minta maaf sebab lambat siapkan blog Asyraaf ni .
Second, Nurris nak minta maaf kalau blog ni tak secantik yang Asyraaf fikir (:
Ohh yaaa, enjoy with your new blog Asyraaf o(^_^)o