Like A Dream

Hi I'm Asyraaf. The owner of this blog. Be nice here and enjoy with my story (:


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Just going to tell about my retirement... Yeah, I think I'm just going to stop all this time-wasting stuff like facebook, games, and some plenty of my bad habits... Just wondering, I'm going to explore and learn more about the world... That's sure gonna be fun... Hey, that's me... The guy who likes to leave what he has right now, and going to get new thing for his life... I guess that's really my nature... Besides, I'm trying to be a new me... You know, have different personalities... It's really boring to be the same person everyday...

Lastly, I'm sure gonna continue back doing my love-hunting... I really wanna try what my inner me can do and how much it can melt someone... Also, I wanna revive the inner me, so I can experience new thing in my life >:D And just, where the hell this kind of feeling and spirits come from? The feeling that want me to change... Yeah, it's okay... I'll be waiting for it, I'm going to be a different person from now on~ >:D

Well, not much to say anymore~ Take care~