Like A Dream

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For the one I love . . .

Love... With love I can hurt more than once... and broken heart more than once... But without love, sometimes I feel lonely...

   Dear, I love you... Maybe this will be the end of our relationship, huh ? I'm sorry if I can't treat you well... But it's not too late to change it right ? I'll try to make these few days as the day you won't even forget...! Cuz I don't want you to ever forget about me . . . ! 
 I hate it . . . I hate if I lose you . . . and ... I would ended being hating myself... But, if that's your choice to leave me... What can I do... I don't have the rights to stop you... Eventhough, how much I really did care about you... I didn't love you well enough... That's why you're okay to leave me . . . I'm sorry . . .  ! I can't be the best for you... But, if I could, I don't want you to go... There's no one can replace you... You're unreplaceable... ! There will no other girl who will love me as how you did... and there will no other girl will treat me as nicely as you did... I can't imagine how my life will go on if I lose you... You see, I'm serious about our relationship... Remember the time early in our relationship ? Actually, I'm not too serious about this relationship... and I thought I just want you to be known as my couple, nothing more than that... As time move on, a lot things happened... Then, I began to be serious about us... I spent most of my time thinking of you, worrying about you... I even can't sleep well because I miss you too much... I miss all the time we had together...  Do you think, you can withstand the pain of long-distance relationship . . . ? Well, I can't... Just leave me, okay... Do your best in your new school... I can't help you much since you're far away from me... Take care of yourself, dear... And try to forget about me, okay ? I don't want to become a burden to you... Then, how about me... ? Remember my promise to you ? I'll try to love you forever, until that someone comes to bring me to the world of eternal love... Last few words from me, I love you... -From the one who loves you, Asy-
If it was our fate to be together, then, only fate would separate us... So, just hope that fate wouldn't separate us... Even if it does... Then... I want fate, to put us close back together just like how we used to be...

P/s : You can see how much the word 'I love you' and similar to it there ? Even that, couldn't explain how much I did love you right now...